Intensive Care Special Trial Motor

Intensive Care Special Trial Motor

Intensive Care Special Trial Motor

• It performs height movement with one 6000 N power motor.

• The backrest can be adjusted from 0 to 70 degrees with 4000 N power motor. The back part slides 12 cm backwards and prevents the patient squeezing during take off.

• Knee part can be adjusted between 0 - 35 degrees by 4000 N power motor.

• Nadir part can take reverse v, fowler and vascular position with manual gear system.

• Nadir part slides 7 cm backwards during take off and prevents patient squeezing.
• All functions can be controlled by hand remote control.
• Bed frame platform is covered with ABS plastic material.
• Bed frame head made of ABS plastic material and it can be remove easly when needed.

• Railings are 4 parts and can be closed and opened comfortably by pin on the bottom.

• Railings are made of ABS plastic material.

• There is one adjustable serum hanging apparatus. This hanger can be placed on 4 side of the bed.

• 360 ° degrees rotating 4 wheels, ABS covered, antistatic and two of them are with brake.

• There are PVC, elastic and stroke absorsing buffer wheels on the 4 corner of the bed frame.

• All metal parts are coated with electrostatic powder paint.


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